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Want to make podcasts which tell true stories? – Well Told

Want to make podcasts which tell true stories?

Eleanor McDowall, Ben Green, Jon Manel and Ryan Dilley (top l-r)

Want to make podcasts which tell true stories? The best ones do – but what kinds of stories make the best podcasts? Is there a particular type of subject? What do you need from the characters in your story and how do you manage the atmosphere and suspense? What techniques will make those podcasts stand out from the crowd and – crucially – what will inspire people to keep coming back for more episodes?

Well Told is the event to come to to hear from people who know some of the answers. It’s bringing together the country’s best narrative podcasters – including Eleanor McDowall (who Helen Zaltzman calls “a magician” for her podcast skills), Ryan Dilley who is running the Panoply network in London and Jon Manel who is the BBC’s first ever podcast editor.

They will be discussing how they made their most successful shows and one of the UK’s top podcast producers, the Guardian’s Ben Green, will be revealing his tricks of the trade in a podcast masterclass.

This is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from the UK’s best narrative podcasters. Well Told is the UK’s first longform and narrative journalism conference and will feature a day-and-a-half packed with talks, masterclasses, discussions and networking with some of the UK’s finest creative journalists and some of the best narrative journalists from the US. More details and tickets are here: welltold.org/schedule


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