Will Storr is an award-winning journalist and author, whose books have been critically acclaimed and who is celebrated for his longform work. His work has appeared in the  Guardian WeekendThe Sunday Times Magazine and Esquire.  He’s ghostwritten top ten bestselling books for public figures, including two number ones. He’s been invited to present his ‘Science of Storytelling’ workshop all over the world, from Bangkok to Istanbul to the European Parliament.  He has reported from the civil war in South Sudan, the narco ganglands of Guatemala and the remote Aboriginal communities of Australia. The New Statesman has called him a ‘magnificent reporter’ while The Independent has called him a ‘versatile, imaginative, committed long-form journalist… a talented, ambitious writer.’  His books include Selfie: How the west became self-obsessed, The Heretics: Adventures with the enemies of science, and the forthcoming Science of Storytelling.