CIJ Well Told 2019 is going to be an amazing experience – with essential insights for writers, editors, and audio and video producers from some of the best narrative and longform journalists. Speakers include:

  • Christina Lamb, whose bravery as a war reporter and skills as a storyteller make her such a valued voice in UK media
  • Sam Knight, London-based staff writer for the New Yorker and author of its regular Letter from the UK
  • Barry Newman, doyen of the front-page news feature, whose skill at finding and telling human stories which reveal greater truths was a joy for WSJ readers and is an inspiration for journalists today

Sessions will cover a glorious variety of subjects, including the science of storytelling, a primer on the elements of narrative journalism, alternative ways to make your journalism pay, how to make an award-winning podcast, how and where to tell stories in infographics, how to pitch to editors, and traps to avoid when promoting articles for readers.

More speakers and sessions will be released soon.