Well Told Conference

Sharing smart storytelling skills

27 & 28 May 2017, central London
27 & 28 May 2017
Central London
£125 (25% group discount available)

A first for the UK

Giles Wilson
Well Told conference director

"There’s never been a conference like Well Told in the UK before - but the need for creative journalists to be on top of their storytelling skills has never been greater. The rise of longform and narrative journalism - which breaks out of a vanilla news voice to use all the techniques of storytelling - represents the most exciting and rewarding future for journalists. And guess what? Readers, listeners, viewers and publishers benefit too. Well Told will be hosting some of the most talented reporters, authors, documentarians and podcasters, who will share the storytelling skills which make their work stand out. You can’t afford to miss it."

Why London?

There is magnificent longform and narrative work done in the UK media. But it often goes uncelebrated. Well Told aims to correct that, and give working journalists from all over the country a chance to learn from each other and support the development of longform and narrative work.


Ed Caesar

Feature writer, contributor to The New Yorker, NYT Magazine, Atlantic, GQ

Emma Jane Kirby

Broadcaster and author of 'The Optician of Lampedusa'

Catarina Fernandes Martins

Reporter, writer, radio and multimedia producer

Mark Kramer

Author, 'Telling True Stories: A non-fiction writer's guide'

Eleanor McDowall

Series producer of Radio 4's series Short Cuts

Tom French

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 'Angels and Demons'

Manveen Rana

Peabody-winning producer of 'A New Life in Europe'

Kelley Benham

Pulitzer-nominated author of Juniper

Amy O’Leary

Chief story officer at Upworthy. (Formerly NYT & This American Life)

Simon Cox

Investigative reporter, BBC Radio 4

Ben Green

Multimedia producer & podcaster at the Guardian

Paul Morley

Cultural commentator, broadcaster and author

Rob Orchard

Editorial director, Delayed Gratification

Iona Craig

Reporter, writer and Yemen specialist

Giles Wilson

Creative director, Harpoon Productions

Tim Radford

Author and science writer

Martin Hickman

Author and publisher, Canbury Press

Simon Hinde

Director of journalism, London College of Communication, UAL

Mun-Keat Looi

Longform writer and commissioner, Mosaic

Jon Manel

Podcast editor, BBC World Service

Jamie Bartlett

Author, 'Radicals' and 'The Dark Net'

Catherine Allen

VR creator and curator

Elise Wicker

Elise Wicker, video producer
Chrissie Giles

Chrissie Giles

Chrissie Giles, editor Mosaic

Yomi Adegoke

Yomi Adegoke, author and journalist

Jill Nicholson

Head of product education at Chartbeat

Ryan Dilley

Managing producer, Panoply network

Sally Hayden

Multimedia freelance journalist

Share your best work

Our mission is to get the UK media to treat narrative journalism with the respect it deserves. So our blog is featuring some of the best examples from the UK media - as selected by the team behind @Queue_Reads. If you've done something you're proud of, let us know here.

Our Backers

We are delighted to have the support of BBC News, the London College of Communication, the Frontline Club, and Delayed Gratification magazine. If your organisation or firm would like to join our supporters, please get in touch.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors Shorthand, Chartbeat, Holoscribe and Harpoon Productions for their support of Well Told which is helping make the event possible. You can find out about them by clicking on their images.